About Us

Parody Productions is an American company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It was founded in 2003. Parody publishes the HeroDecks line of unique, novelty

playing cards, as well as, the Rainy Day Puzzles. These products can be found

at fine retail outlets nationwide including gift shops, bookstores, sporting goods

stores, and many more!


HeroDecks specialize in sports-themed playing cards which feature the greatest

players by position and era in a team's history, though non-sports titles are also

available. The popular playing cards are made in the USA, poker-sized and

casino-quality, plus each card features original artwork. They are a "must have"

for sports fans!


The HeroDecks titles are organized into the following categories: Baseball,

Football, College, Hockey and Other which includes the best-selling Presidential

Playing Cards. Titles are updated and new titles added throughout the year.


Rainy Day Puzzles specializes in gift quality jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles are also

made in the USA. 500 piece (Size: 24" x 18") and 1000 piece (Size: 27" x 19") puzzles

are currently available. Parody plans to add titles to its puzzle line, as well.


To find out more about Parody Productions and our popular product lines, please

contact us at 513.929.0019.

Three ways to order wholesale

1. Fill out our online order form
2. Fax - Print the order form here
3. Phone - 513.929.0019