Wall Street Most Wanted

Wall Street Most Wanted
The Wall Street Most Wanted Deck uses humor to poke fun of the “villains” of American capitalism during the dot-com bubble era. The deck of playing cards uses original art to depict and provide commentary on each individual included in the deck!! Upon its release in 2003, the deck became an instant collector's item and certainly provides a unique perspective on this crazy time

Harvey Pitt
Wall Street Most Wanted
Ken Lay
Wall Street Most Wanted
Maria Bartiromo
Wall Street Most Wanted
Martha Stewart
Wall Street Most Wanted
Robert Rubin
Wall Street Most Wanted

Wall Street Most Wanted includes:

Abby Joseph Cohen
Al Dunlap
Alliance Capital Management
Andrew Fastow
Bernie Ebbers
Bill Esrey
Billy Tauzin
Dave Duncan
David Komansky
Deloitte & Touche
Dennis Kozlowski
Don Carty
Ernst & Young
Frank Quattrone
Gary Winnick
Harvey Pitt
Henry Blodgett
Invesco Funds
Jack Grubman
Jack Welch
Janus Capital Group
Jean-Marie Messier
Jeff Barbakow
Jeff Skilling
Jill Barad
Joe Berardino
Joe Nacchio
John Chambers
John Rigas
Ken Lay
Lord Conrad Black
Maria Bartiromo
Mark Swartz
Martha Stewart
Mary Meeker
Phil Purcell
Pilgram Baxter Funds
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Putnam Investments
Reed Hundt
Richard Scrushy
Rick Ellenberger
Robert Rubin
Sam Waksal
Sandy Weill
Scott Sullivan
Stanley O'Neal
Stephen Hilbert
Steve Case
Strong Capital Management
William Harrison

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